Leaving a Gift to

Charitable gifts to HelpMeSee help to dramatically change the lives of countless children and adults by giving them sight, and when planned properly, these gifts may also provide tax savings, income and other financial benefits for the donor and the donor’s family.

The following is a list of planned gifts that allow a donor to structure their philanthropic goals tailored to their economic circumstances while making a meaningfully supporting HelpMeSee.

Regardless of the amount of your wealth, every person is capable of making a legacy gift to HelpMeSee.


Our Promises to You

We will use your donation carefully where it is needed most to support our work in the developing world

We understand that family and loved ones come first. We will always honor your wishes

We recognize that making a gift of this type is a deeply personal decision. You can tell us that you left a gift to HelpMeSee in your will, but do not need to. We will keep your gift private as instructed. You have the right to change your mind


Getting Started

If you would like to speak to someone at HelpMeSee or have questions, contact our Senior Director of Development, Steven Moore at 212.221.7682 or through:





1.844.435.7637 (United States) (International)



20 West 36th Street, Floor 4
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Steven J. Moore J.D. LL.M.
Senior Director of Development
Cell: +1 859 264 1071
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